Welcome to the Two Worlds of

Crystals by Enchantment & Psychic Malcolm

 Psychic Malcolm

No fuss or flannel - words plain and simple - No condemning or judging - no subject too trivial
I listen with both my heart and my head - To those gone before - sadly now long dead
My guides do not dwell on things in the past - The present is also not going to last
They look to uncover your future for you - To show you your life as it should be - free and true
Your path awaits as yet unbroken - Maybe it is time to start listening to the words that need to be spoken
Let me reveal the life waiting for you
I promise you nothing will jump out and say'boo'

 Psychic in Worcestershire and Warwickshire

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Crystals by Enchantment

A Crystal website where the only thing that matters is your intuition – gut feeling – inner voice - call it what you will.   

A Crystal website for when you believe in yourself and what the Crystals and you can do together then just maybe the World will believe in and with you.
Courses and Workshops designed to stretch your imagination and intuitive gifts to their limits and beyond.

Meditation, Therapies and Readings for when you have issues in your life which are causing you problems then I am here to listen to help you to look at things from a different perspective.
A simple statement:

'If you believe in something strongly enough and are completely open minded then it will work or come true if you don't it won't. Simple.'             

If you want to be different and work with how you feel and not how someone tells you that you should then welcome to the

World of Crystals by Enchantment.

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